Steps And Tips On How To Buy iCloud Storage With Debit Card

iCloud storage is an application where Apple users can add additional memory to back up their files. Apple products are known to have limited storage, where people cant add memories to their device. What they can do is back up their files on their device to iCloud storage. Each user will get free iCloud storage, however, the quantity is small, around 5GB. Whereas your files are usually more than that, therefore you have to buy more storage to move the files. So, what are the steps on how to buy iCloud storage with debit card?

There are various ways of buying additional storage in iCloud storage. You can buy them using credit cards, apple git vouchers, and debit cards. One of the options that people have most is a debit card. Yes, just by debit card you can also add some storage and start moving your files into iCloud. So, these are the steps on how to buy iCloud storage with debit card that you can try:

1. Apple ID

If you are an Apple user, then you should have an Apple user/ ID. If not, then it is best to make one because you will need it to access many things. You can make an Apple ID in the setting menu, where you will need an ID and email. Then a link will be emailed to the email you signed up with, to activate the ID. After your ID is active you can start using it to add and buy storage for your iCloud.

2. Add Debit Number

The next step on how to buy iCloud storage with debit card is by adding a debit card number to your account. You can do this by entering the account setting and choosing the manage payment option. Then add the payment method and choose the options credit/debit card in your payment. In this menu, you will have to enter 16 digits of your credit number and the 3 digits behind it. Once you succeed, you can start using to buy things with your debit card.

3. Payment Process

The payment process of using a debit card is the same as a credit card, but your money will be cut off. So, if you have no money on your card, you won’t be able to process the purchase. So, all you need to do is buy the amount of storage you need and enter your password. Then automatically your money will be cut off from your card.

4. Limited in Some Countries

The facility to buy additional storage in iCloud using a debit card is available only in a few countries. Some countries that have this facility in the United States, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore, Russia, UAE, and Ukraine. Other than these countries, people will need to use credit cards or Apple gifts to buy additional storage.

5. Buy at Apple Store

Some people say that buying additional storage for iCloud can be done in some stores. So, they will buy the storage first using their credit card and the buyer will pay by debit card. This is a great option for those who don’t have a credit card but need additional storage.

These are the steps on how to buy iCloud storage with debit card that you can try. Hopefully, your success and can add additional storage to your iCloud. If not, then step number 5 is the best way to try because you will get help from the professionals.